G&S Valves has a Large Inventory of
Re-Manufactured Valves

Our inventory of re-manufactured valves includes gate, globe, safety, relief and control valves.

 G & S Valves re-manufactured valves are:

  • Completely disassemble the valve
  • Check all parts for wear to ensure that the parts are within the original manufacturer’s tolerances
  • Clean all parts to base material
  • Re- inspect all parts after cleaning
  • Reface flanges to new finish
  • Replace all gaskets, packing, nuts and bolts
  • Reassemble and paint
  • Test the re-manufactured valve to ensure the valve meets new valve standard

The Quality Control program at G&S Valves allows our personnel to monitor and complete spot inspections through out the re-manufacturing process.  Every re-manufactured valve has a guaranty.

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